7ECM inaugurated with prize ceremony

In a packed Auditorium Maximum of the TU Berlin, the 7th European Congress of Mathematics was declared open by the Chair of the local organizing committee Prof. Volker Mehrmann. Welcome notes by Steffen Krach, State Secretary for Science from the Berlin Senate, and Prof. Christian Thomsen, President of the Technical University (TU), pointed out the honour for Berlin and the TU to host this large quadrennial european event. Krach referred to the long standing mathematical tradition of the German capital, dating back to the 19th century.

Prof. Pavel Exner, President of the European Mathematical Society (EMS), thanked the local organizing committee and recalled the recent political events that might also influence the situation for fellow scientists.

Introduced by the brisk music of “Hauptstadtblech”, the opening continued with the Award Ceremony: A total of twelve pizes were awarded by Pavel Exner and representatives of the different prize committees.

„One of the first decisions of the newborn European Mathematical Society was to distinguish every four years ten most promising young mathematicians, and it was a wise decision“, said Pavel Exner. „The previous prize committees were succesful indeed in choosing the laureates. This is clear from the fact that one of each six was subsequently awarded the Fields Medal, of which at most four of them are awarded every four years by the International Mathematical Union. We hope that this year’s prize committee has made an equally successful pick.“

This year’s ten EMS Prizes for outstanding young researchers were awarded to:
Marc Braverman (USA), Vincent Calvez (France), Guido De Philipps (Italy), Hugo Duminil-Copin (France), James Maynard (GB), Peter Scholze (Germany), Péter Varjú (Hungary), Thomas Willwacher (CH), Geordie Williamson (Australia), and Sara Zahedi (Sweden).

This year’s Felix Klein Prize for industry-related mathematics was awarded to Patrice Hauret (France).

This year’s Otto Neugebauer Prize for the history of mathematics was awarded to Jeremy Gray (GB).

Further information about the laureates can be found here.


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